Built-in views

class contact_form.views.ContactFormView

The base view class from which most custom contact-form views should inherit. If you don’t need any custom functionality, and are content with the default ContactForm class, you can also use it as-is (and the provided URLConf, contact_form.urls, does exactly this).

This is a subclass of Django’s FormView, so refer to the Django documentation for a list of attributes/methods which can be overridden to customize behavior.

One non-standard attribute is defined here:


The list of email addresses to send mail to. If not specified, defaults to the recipient_list of the form.

Additionally, the following standard (from FormView) methods and attributes are commonly useful to override (all attributes below can also be passed to as_view() in the URLconf, permitting customization without the need to write a full custom subclass of ContactFormView):


The form class to use. By default, will be ContactForm. This can also be overridden as a method named form_class(); this permits, for example, per-request customization (by inspecting attributes of self.request).


The template to use when rendering the form. By default, will be contact_form/contact_form.html.


The URL to redirect to after successful form submission. By default, this is the named URL contact_form.sent. In the default URLconf provided with django-contact-form, that URL is mapped to TemplateView rendering the template contact_form/contact_form_sent.html.


Returns additional keyword arguments (as a dictionary) to pass to the form class on initialization.

By default, this will return a dictionary containing the current HttpRequest (as the key request) and, if recipient_list was defined, its value (as the key recipient_list).


If you override get_form_kwargs(), you must ensure that, at the very least, the keyword argument request is still provided, or ContactForm initialization will raise TypeError. The easiest approach is to use super() to call the base implementation in ContactFormView, and modify the dictionary it returns.