django-contact-form 5.0.1

django-contact-form provides customizable contact-form functionality for Django-powered Web sites.

This application includes:

  • An extensible base contact-form class which is also usable as-is for basic functionality (collecting a name, email address, and message)

  • A subclass of the base form which uses the Akismet spam-filtering service to detect and reject spam submissions

  • A class-based Django view which can be used with either of the built-in contact form classes, or your own customized form

For the default contact-form functionality, add "django_contact_form" to your Django site’s INSTALLED_APPS setting, add the following line to your site’s root URLConf, and create the templates specified in the usage guide:

from django.urls import include, path

urlpatterns = [
    # ... other URL patterns for your site ...
    path("contact/", include("django_contact_form.urls")),

Installation and usage